Wealth Management Recruitment

Wealth Management Recruitment

We offer our clients in the wealth management industry an unequalled track record matching industry with highly qualified wealth management practitioners. We have over 20 years of experience recruiting in wealth management and our the most networked recruitment organisation in the industry.

We excel working with boutique, small and medium sized organisations, finding the ideal candidates that will take the organisation to the next level. We work for you, the client, to find the best people for you.

How We Recruit Wealth Managers

We understand that wealth management organisations require individuals with skills, experience, talent and ambition to take the whole organisation forward.

In our experience, only around 10% of those in the industry are what we define as "Rainmakers" and these are the people that you want in your organisation. We use a combination of traditional headhunting and modern, digital recruitment methods to ensure the right people are matched to the right organisations.

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