Private Banking Recruitment

Private Banking Recruitment

We have over 20 years recruiting in the private banking field and offer an unrivalled service to our clients.

We are the most networked recruitment agency in the private banking field and we are known by the top performers in the sector. We work for you, the client, to ensure we find the individuals you need to  drive your organisation forward and offer an exemplary service to your clients.

Our Recruitment Methods

We offer all our clients a boutique and tailored service for their recruitment needs.

In our experience, only around 10% of individuals working in private banking are top performers, and it is these individuals that we find for our clients. We specialise in finding private bankers for boutique, partnership and medium sized organisations, where every individual counts.

We use a unique combination of traditional head hunting, along with modern digital methods that ensure we are the first to know if a top performer is looking for a new challenge. We always find the top candidates for each role, not just the first candidates who apply. We match  people to organisations not just through their skills, but also through their personality and ambitions, to ensure an individual will be the best fit. We always conduct our own interviews and tests so our clients only see the very best candidates for their roles.

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