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The Truth About Investment

As a recruitment specialist in private banking (which largely means asset management), the Somers Partnership has to keep abreast of developments in investment thinking. Conversations with investment academia have revealed some worrying home truths which cut across much of the received wisdom of the asset management industry.  Read more…..

PAM TOP 40 Under 40

PAM TOP 40 Under 40 celebrates huge depth and diversity of talent in UK private banking The inaugural ‘PAM Top 40 Under 40’ list of rising stars of the private client wealth management world in the UK and UK offshore, proves, if nothing else, that there is no dearth of talent in this crucial and

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ETF's Can Seriously Increase Your Wealth

ETFs appear to be despised by the City, many of whom are lobbying profusely to have them restricted or even banned. In our view this is because they are the first major technological change since mutual funds were invented in the 1940s. They cut out whole layers of superfluous City costs and fees, thereby stacking

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Performance and the Parable of the Gym Member

You know what it’s like – 28th December, after 5 days on the pop and plate, thoughts turn to our new year’s resolutions. I am going to drop 10 kilos, I will run more, and drink less; I will do that paperwork on my desk and keep it to a minimum all year. Read more…….

Diary of a Private Banker

The WealthNet We name private banking’s top military brass STAND to attention, you ‘orrible lot, officer on parade! If the blessed Margaret Thatcher comes to be proven right all along and Berlin really does want to do an anschluss on every sunbed in the eurozone or Ivan gets rather bolshie again, then we luckily have

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Need an edge in the 'war for talent'?

Need an edge in the ‘war for talent’? Somers Partnership and Tru-Est release Special Report on hiring CRMs The Somers Partnership, a London-based search boutique that specialises in wealth management and private banking and thewealthnet publisher Tru-Est have produced a special report on recruitment in the wealth management sector which should be essential reading to

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