SHIFT HAPPENS – and how to deal with it

June 13, 2017

As Pliny the Elder said ‘The only certainty is that nothing is certain’.  Just when you have adjusted to the new normal something else comes along to challenge and disrupt the...

Farmergeddon…The death of the complacent wealth manager?

March 2, 2017

What happens when an organisation fails to recruit and retain a sufficient number of Hunters and talented professionals and finds itself staffed entirely by Farmers?
Traditional wealth management...

The Art of Resigning

January 18, 2017

We are often asked by our candidates for our advice about the best way to resign elegantly and professionally, so we produced this guide to help them to inform their current employers about their decision...


July 18, 2015

Price stability – good or bad?

A debate is raging as to whether the drop in the consumer price index to less than one per cent with the prospect potentially...

Time for the recruitment pendulum to swing away from cost cutting.

October 11, 2013

Last week Mark Somers